(Prix Zonta Club Locarno)
Sébastien Lifshitz, France, 2019, 135'
World Premiere
Fri. 9.8.2019, 10h30, La Sala
Sat. 10.8.2019, 18h30, L'altra Sala

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When we meet them, Anaïs and Emma are thirteen years old. In their own way, they each complete their education and live through their high school years before truly entering adulthood. By allowing itself to capture the passage of time, Adolescentes immerses its audience in the everyday life of these two teenage friends, switching back and forth between pivotal moments and seemingly mundane episodes.

Five years of filming, five hundred hours of rushes, one year of editing – this is what Sébastien Lifshitz had to go through to complete his seventh documentary. Twenty-four days a year, he managed to win the trust of two families so that his presence would become invisible. Day to day quarrels, heartaches, fun times, family drama or just plain boredom: his camera records all of these moments that are essential to understand this slow transitional age that we like to call awkward. Thanks to a strong command of editing and ellipsis, the end result captures the essence of those lives in the making, similar to what Richard Linklater had accomplished with Boyhood.

Adolescentes is also a tale of friendship between two young women who appear to have nothing in common. These two beautiful portraits show us totally different ways of becoming an adult. The film humorously and sensibly reveals how Anaïs and Emma shape their personalities and progressively become the actors of their own lives.

Thomas Gerber