(Grand Prix SRG SSR)

A létezés eufóriája - The Euphoria of Being, Réka Szabó, Hungary 2019, 84'
International Premiere
Mon. 12.8.2019, 11h00, La Sala
Tue. 13.8.2019, 18h30, L'altra Sala

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Réka Szabó is a filmmaker and choreographer and acts in both capacities in this film. In The Euphoria of Being, she brings together two women, the nearly 90-year-old Auschwitz survivor Éva Fahidi and the young dancer Emese Cuhorka. They rehearse the dance piece Sea Lavender” - a choreography about the life of Éva.

There are many documentaries about theatre, dance and music projects. Unfortunately, they are often very similar. But this film is different. Firstly, filmmaker and choreographer Reka Szabó has a lot of leeway thanks to her double role. Filming the rehearsals herself, she creates a very intimate space that lets me as a spectator take the director’s perspective and be very close to the action. Secondly, she puts her wonderful protagonist Éva Fahidi at the centre of her film. The filmmaker does not only focus on her dance project. She also makes a portrait of the elderly lady, who talks about her life and goes beyond the trauma of the Holocaust, in which the then young woman lost her whole family. The charismatic Éva describes her entire life and thinks about what it means to be a woman, become old and less agile. She sees the young, also charismatic dancer Emese Cuhorka as her sister who only lived to 11 years of age. But Emese also becomes the mirror of her own youth. A beautiful project and an equally beautiful film, intimate and great at the same time.

Brigitte Häring