Karol Pałka, Poland 2021, 70'
WORLD Premiere
Mo. 9.8.2021, 11h00, La Sala
Tue. 10.8.2021, 9h00, Palacinema 1

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Far from the modern world, isolated in the Polish countryside, Danusia and her daughter Basia live in harmony with nature throughout the seasons. One day, a priest pays them a courtesy visit, but that’s about it. At first, their universe seems miserable and chaotic, cluttered by all sorts of objects and as if buried under rubble and dirt. But this first impression is deceptive.

A rough diamond is revealed when director Karol Pałka (1991) immerses himself in their daily lives. While Danusia communicates with the spirits of the dead and cares for goats and dogs with infinite benevolence, Basia writes poems and dances by the fireside. And then there are the flowers she loves so much and brings inside while she waits for Franek, a mysterious friend, to come and visit, but he never does. Living in this remote place has its price: The two women would like to have more human contact. Their looks out of the window and a few telephone calls recall this fundamental need, despite the poetic and enchanting surroundings.

The young Polish filmmaker, who is also a photographer and has already won many awards, gives the images time to unfold all their mysteries. The powerful background music contrasts with the slow pace of action. Following the protagonists as closely as possible, Bukolika becomes the careful observation of a different life that arouses curiosity, but always with empathy.

Adrien Kuenzy