Paweł Łoziński, PL, 2021, 100'
WORLD Premiere
Sa. 7.8.2021, 11h00, La Sala
Sun. 8.8.2021, 9h00, Palacinema 1
Grand Prix Semaine de la critique/Prix SRG SSR 2021

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«Why look further and further afield when there’s so much close at hand.» Goethe’s words could be the premise for The Balcony Movie . A film emerges from almost nothing: from Paweł Łoziński’s balcony. In the first scene, we learn how he installs the microphone and how he looks through the camera lens. His view becomes our view. This is where we stop and wait for the world to present itself to our eyes.

With simple, almost banal questions and great empathy, the filmmaker, on his balcony, convinces passers-by to come up and stand in front of his camera. It is these unpretentious encounters that lift the imbalance of the vertical perspective and allow everyone to react and express themselves freely.

Despite the minimal setting, a touching, kaleidoscopic tapestry of stories develops and densifies. People return days, weeks, even months after the first meeting, as if the experience of being listened to had left a decisive mark. Hardly anyone is the person they seem to be. Life is impossible to invent, and the film is a tribute to humanity.

Ruth Baettig