Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski, PL/GER, 2022, 85'
International Premiere
Mon. 8.8.2022, 11h00, La Sala
Tue. 9.8.2022, 9h00, Palacinema 1

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“The problem of overthinking and lack of action often causes intelligent individuals to be unsuccessful and to live a sad and unproductive life.” This is the Hamlet Syndrome. The starting point of the film is a new staging of the Shakespeare classic, in which a young Ukrainian theatre director takes us on a journey in search of the modern Hamlet. She wants to confront this classic foundation with personal life designs to understand what everyone is willing to fight for in his or her life with the questions: To be or not to be? To do or to not do? To make compromises or not? To be radical or not?

The film portrays a young generation of Ukrainians who are ready to open themselves to their own doubts, fears, dreams, and hopes. The experiences of the “Maidan Generation” and the traumas from the war in Donbass keep surfacing during the project and thus in the film. Thanks to the dynamic editing and interweaving of documentary observations and stage productions, Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosolowski let us participate in the rehearsals through intimate, powerful images.

The stage becomes a space for confessions and the cinema for self-questioning. Life, theatre, and cinema merge into a deeply immersive experience. The words “to be or not to be” take on a whole new meaning under these conditions of war – here and now.

Ruth Baettig