Markus Toivo, F, 2023, 61'
Wed. 09.8.2023, 11h00, La Sala
Thu. 10.8.2023, 9h00, Palacinema 1

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How can you get closer to your father? A father you barely know? How can you talk with him about your childhood, work, life, and the finiteness of life?

Father Markku has a strong personality. He is building a house with his own hands for the big family: These walls hold immense expectations and bright ideas coupled with great pride. And yet, or precisely for this reason, the construction will never be completely finished. Markku is given the opportunity to work abroad. Markus, his youngest son, is just a baby when the father leaves the family. During these years, the family of nine breaks apart – Markus has three sisters and three brothers.

Almost 30 years later, his father wants to finally finish the metal gate at the end of the street, and his son wants to make a film. The gate becomes a hub, an occasion for a serious cinematic debate, and an inherent risk of the latter’s failure. Markus Toivo, son and filmmaker, does not hesitate to reveal uncomfortable or wordless moments. Father and son get closer slowly, sometimes awkwardly. For both of them, new inner thoughts emerge about life, the injuries of the other person, and models of masculinity that have shaped their past (and also that of the siblings).

The young filmmaker Markus Toivo finds atmospheric images and delicate sounds, exploring the complex father-and-son relationship with astonishing maturity.

Ruth Baettig