Ohad Milstein, ISR, 2023, 73'
WORLD Premiere
Lun. 7.8.2023, 11h00, La Sala
Tue. 8.8.2022, 9h00, Palacinema 1

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If it is plausible to say that there is not just one right person for us, and if it is equally true that roughly every seven years all the cells in our body completely renew themselves, changing our being, then perhaps the choice to spend our existence with just one person is not the best one to make. But what really is the problem? Is it sharing all the stages of life with the same person, perhaps leading to any sort of deadlock or boredom – be it intellectual, affective, or sexual – or is the trouble actually that the one who made us fall in love mutates over time, drifting apart from us and our change?

Israeli documentary filmmaker Ohad Milstein investigates the complicated topic with his signature approach: living it first-hand. Observing the marital crisis of his parents, who have been together for 50 years, the filmmaker also questions his own life with his partner, opening it up to new perspectives to avoid the end of intimacy and complicity, which was so present in his parents’ honeymoon photos but now is completely vanished. With irony and courage, Ohad Milstein uses the tools of real and fictional cinema to trigger new dynamics between people, achieving moving, thoughtful, and even tragicomic results, in which the audience will easily find themselves.

Chiara Fanetti